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Hollywood Theater

Hollywood Theater

Built in 1935, the magnificent Art-Deco styled Hollywood Theater offered all the modern conveniences of the day with a flair for the elegant.  As the decades passed, however, the majestic neighborhood theater lost its luster and fell upon hard times with the advent and success of the regional multiplex cinemas. The theater closed in 1987 after showing close to a thousand films to hundreds of thousands of Nordeast residents.

There have been many efforts undertaken over the years to renovate the Hollywood Theater to its former glory, as was done to the Heights Theater in Columbia Heights, but the estimated restorations proved too costly and the building has sat vacant since it closed. The City of Minneapolis acquired the theater for redevelopment in 1993 but found no takers.   It was announced the City had agreed to sell the theater for $1 to a developer who intends to undertake almost $2,000,000 in renovations in the hopes of attracting a new user for the building.

I know many people have toured the interior and likely all have similar photos, but this was my first time and it may be my last time before work commences.  It would be great if this developer is successful in restoring the building and finding an an appropriate end-user for this historic building.



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