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Bloomington Tree of Lights

Bloomington Tree of Lights

Perched upon a bluff overlooking the Minnesota River valley in Bloomington, Bob and Julie Little’s house on Meadowview Road offers a commanding view from their backyard, but it’s the view from the front that seems to be drawing all the attention. Their 4,400 square foot house is for sale, and with the walk-out rambler comes a 57 foot tall Oak tree in the front yard.  Not just any Oak tree, mind you, but a very famous, well lit tree.  I call it the “Tree of Lights”, not sure what Bob Little calls it, aside from his holiday tradition that started 14 years ago.  He says, “It’s our Christmas Card to the world.” The tree is strung with 39,000 energy efficient LED lights, and it glows.  I mean, it really glows.  Pilots bringing in their jets for a landing at MSP point out the boreal navigational beacon to their passengers during descent. Motorists driving north on Highway 77 can see it towering over the Little’s home, no doubt eliciting smiles of wonderment from within each car.  But as I mentioned, the house is for sale, and this very well could be the last year the tree shines.  Mr. Little acknowledges that he can’t force the new owners to carry on the tradition he started back in 2001, but he hopes they do.  And I do too.  So, if you haven’t seen the Tree of Lights, I’d recommend you check it out this season, because when the lights go out after New Years Day, they may not be coming back on.

Hours:  5 to 7 am, and then 5 pm to midnight

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